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Stop spending countless hours worrying about your infrastructure and competition's features. We'll take you to the top.

Built for Serious Companies

Bring the best to the table for your clients with our most requested features.

Plugin Manager

Our plugin manager is game-agnostic, allowing you to set up multiple plugins for different games without the hair pulling.

Audit Logs

Your clients can be their own watchdog, making sure their community and server is safe from untrustworthy partners..

Node to Node Transfers

Need a user to switch from London to the states? We got you covered. Our hyper fast node transfer service will get the job done in no time.


Our Features Keep on Coming

We are constantly working on new features to bring the absolute apex of any panel on the market.

Backup Manager

Keep your clients data safe and secure while allowing them to restore backups at anytime. Bring the power and control to your clients you know they deserve.

Theme Switcher

Stop putting up with messy, broken solutions for allowing your brand or clients to change panel themes on the fly. Our theme switcher is built to give you the granular controls you desire.

CSS Injector

Give the personality your brand needs to personalize our panel to your vision. Become an artisan with our tools.

Sub-Domain Manager

Give your clients the ability to use vanity sub domains that connect them to their servers. Providing clarity and ease of access for their community.

Announcement Manager

Spread info quickly and safely with our announcement manager, no longer do you need to worry if everyone saw your announcement in Discord.


Give your clients more info and interactivity with notifications for everything, whether it be their node finished transferring or their server crashed.

Ticket System

Answer questions and issues directly inside our panel, instead of having to rely on third party software, keep the bloat out of your website and brand.

Git Integration

Our panel comes Git ready to truly give your clients the tools needed for professional development.

User Re-installs

No more annoying tickets that bog down your support team about reinstalling another server. Give access to something clients should've had in first place.

Quick Server Files

Create simple and elegant shortcuts for your clients, allowing them to quickly navigate our panel.

Server Detail Querying

Get the most out of our panel with deep dive details about each of your client's servers. No more unoptimized code muddying up your response time.


Easily disable and enable our modules, custom fit our panel to your company's needs.

Predictable Pricing

Odin Pro
Simple pricing, pay as you go.
No Hidden Fees
Over 15+ enhancements
Branding Removal
Static Pricing
High Availability
*Price does not include daemon self-hosting costs.
Odin Business
High grade enterprise solutions.
Custom high-performance modules
On-premise hosting
24/7 priority support
Enterprise Pricing
DRM free
*Price does not include daemon self-hosting costs.

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